I love LOVE


What can I say, I am a sucker for people in love. Not me in love, but other people in love.

My friend Adriane is getting married in less than a month and since she’s a transplant to the area a few of us Texans will be making the trip to the Mainline of Philly for the celebration. Since it was a little tricky for us to go up for the bridal shower, my friend Connie Rey & I decided to throw her our own.

I may love love, but I can’t stand bridal showers.

Games? Blah. Oooos & Ahhhs at gift opening? Eek. Sitting awkwardly with people you don’t know? Gag!

So, what to do? We thought of ¬†hundreds of options…wine tour, nice dinner, night on the town, but finally agreed on a pottery painting party. If it got a little awkward, then each person had their own project right there to save the day.

Each person was assigned a different season and the couple can use thee plates for parties or as a decoration.

Three guests cancelled last minute, so we were a much smaller group, but we had a blast.

All in all it was a great afternoon to celebrate the bride and LOVE!


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