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Mirror, mirror on the wall…CRACK!


In the midst of packing and moving, my beloved IKEA mirror cracked. Yes, it was only $19.99, but who wants to spend it twice? Isn’t she a beaut?

So, what to do with a broken mirror? Will I be resigned to 7 years bad luck?

Nope! With the help of some small dowels, hooks, fabric and foam board (I would have used wood, but I had foam around) I created this treasure for my necklace obsession.


Upcycle: Calendar to Gift Bag


The year ends and that cute calendar hanging on the wall gets dumped (hopefully in the recycling bin). What if you could take 5-10 mins and give it a facelift? How about upcycling it!

I am not one to lavishly wrap gifts. I think it’s a nice touch, but seems to waste paper for something that doesn’t last so long. <Enter upcycled calendar gift bag>

Follow these simple steps to create the cutest gift bags:

Step 1: Gather your supplies

 You’ll need an old calendar, twine/ribbon, scissors, single-hole punch & glue stick.

Step 2: Remove the center staples and cut along the fold

Look at those 12 beautiful pictures!

Step 3: Choose two pictures

You need to choose pictures that are similarly aligned.

Pictures focused either right or left of center so you don’t cut off the best part.

Step 4: Stack pictures on top of each other

Step 5: Flip the pictures over and fold down the top about 1/2"

You’ve already created the top of your bag…you’re on a roll!

Step 6: Fold pictures along the left or right side (depending on what part of the picture you like the least) about 1/3 of the calendar page

This fold creates the side of the bag.

Step 7: Fold the flap you just made in half

Step 8: Fold the other side of the pages about a 1/2"

Step 9: Fold the bottoms up about 1"-1 1/2"

Yay! You’re done with all the folding!

Step 10: Separate the pages

Step 11: Place glue on the small flap of one side

Time to glue, glue, glue!

Step 12: Tuck the small flap into the side the the larger flap on the other page

Make sure to tuck the flap in all the way to make the side of the bag.

Step 13: Repeat with the other side

Ta-da! The sides are now complete!

Well look at that 🙂

Step 15: Make 4 cuts at the bottom corners up to the folds you previously made

Check out those cuts.

Step 16: Glue all the folds down to create the bottom

Step 17: Flip the bag over and press down to secure the bottom

Admire your work so far...

Step 18: Cute two equal pieces of twine or ribbon

Step 19: Hole punch two holes & thread your handles

Step 20: Enjoy!

Let’s watch a video…shall we?