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Who Loves You Babe? Wedding Gift Printable


So my two friends, Carrie & Stasia are getting married on Cape Cod in just a few weeks.  Note: Please no rude comments about your opinion on gay marriage…they will be denied.

They are hoping to have a wedding that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. They are even asking for gifts to be recycled, crafted or for guests to make a donation to a charity in their name. I’m a gift-giver, so I picked up some matching wine glasses at the local Goodwill and am planning on etching their initials tonight…more on that later.

As I was surfing the Blog-o-sphere I came across some cute printables and decided…”Hey, I can do that.” With the help of Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker, Fonts for Peas, Microsoft Publisher and a color printer, I bring you Carrie & Stasia’s Wedding Print!